Are you the type of man who likes to buy things when you have read a review? There’s nothing wrong with that at all. You probably wouldn’t go ahead and buy a television, or a car without researching it first, so there seems to be no reason why you wouldn’t read reviews for an escort girl you’re interested in. This is why we created a gallery of reviewed girls. This is specifically for those of you who are far more discerning to simply choose a girl based upon her pictures. It’s sad to say that some of the girls do “touch up” their pictures a little anyway, before they send them to us, so there may well be some subtle differences that you will encounter. Don’t worry, we always make sure that it is actually the girl in the picture. What we’re getting at is that you really should read a few reviews for the girl you like, both on our website and perhaps on one of the independent review sites out there.

Reviewed girls are more popular

Hardly surprising really! When you read that someone else has had a wonderful time with one of our London escorts, you are far more likely to book her. However, because there are those among you who don’t believe our reviews to be genuine, we strongly urge you to look at reviews on independent sites too. Not that it will make much difference of course, but do allow us to tell you that we don’t embellish any of the reviews we receive. We post them as we get them, provided that they aren’t offensive etc.

Another thing to remember if you’re booking a one of our reviewed girls is that you may want to choose more than one to guarantee you get one that you are attracted to. Take a good look at the girls and read all the reviews you need to before you call the agency. If you have a little list of your preferences when you call, it will make it much easier for us to let you know who is available.