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Hot Milf going your way. Watch out !!! Ksenia has the body of a young model but the mind and the experience on her side + she is Russian and Russians know hot to take care of business if you know what we mean. She will give you the utmost satisfaction. So have no hesitation and give her a call for a really pleasurable time. The time with her will be stuck in your memory for a long time !


  1. Christopher says:

    I spent a couple of siesta hours with wonderful Ksenia. All i can say that she is pure Russian Class. I don’t know where to start. One thing is crystal clear: she is absolutely phenomenal. I made a visit at her Gloucester Road beautiful flat, which is easy to acess and discreet fashion. I want to point this out, because i normally prefer outcalls, but in this case, it really felt like a secure and comfortable environment. We all have different needs and expectations, but Ksenia represents everything that I’ve ever wanted from an acquired companionship. She is reliable, honest,relaxed,empathetic,bright and VERY seductive. Quite unusually i immediately felt a sense of trust. The rest i will keep for myself.

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