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Bella ( Away )

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Pure Italian Engineering! With a perfectly girlish size 8 figure, some incredibly long, slender legs and a face that is so beautiful it could make you weep, Bella is one of the most popular choices today! Most London escorts are beautiful, that’s clear enough to anyone, but they don’t all have the model qualities that Bella clearly has. Just the briefest of glances at her pictures is enough to verify this! Bella likes to look after herself by eating very consciously, working out in the gym and getting enough rest. She believes that plenty of rest is the answer to most things, and we wouldn’t argue with her there. She’s a very switched on young woman, with an intelligence that’s way beyond her years. Bella is Italian in origin, and obviously speaks fluent Italian. However, this very studious young 20-year-old has taken it upon herself to learn English, French and Spanish too! You see! Not just a pretty face and a fabulous body! Indeed, Bella is bent on her own self-improvement. When she’s not working out in the gym, or at yoga class, she’s browsing the libraries and museums in London expanding her already quite vast cultural knowledge. You can book Bella for a fun incall booking in Bayswater if you like. She has a lovely apartment there and it’s got everything you could wish for, including her of course. She also loves to do outcalls to all the best hotels in the city, and she always looks her best. Well, she looks her best regardless of whether you book an incall or an outcall!


  1. Ronnie says:

    Second night in a row with Bella. She is perfect. Stunning looking, can hold an interesting conversation and amazing in bed – she enjoyed it as much as me.

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