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A charming and seductive young London escort in Paddington If you’re a fan of tasty looking, young blondes, you’re going to love Amanda. They don’t get much tastier! She’s here in London for one reason, and one reason alone: to have as much fun as possible! And that’s where you come in. You see, Amanda likes the men! She has an insatiable appetite for male company and she makes the most of every chance she gets to spend time with guys who like to spoil her. She also has good taste you see, so she quite rightly expects the best treatment! In our opinion, why shouldn’t she expect the best when she’s as gorgeous as this? What man on earth wouldn’t want to walk into a bar with Amanda on his arm and treat her to the best that life has to offer? In actual fact, it doesn’t have to be a man either, because Amanda is quite partial to women too. This genuinely bisexual London escort attracts a lot of interest from both sexes to tell the truth, and this keeps her very happy indeed. Amanda does give a lot in return for all the attention she receives of course. She is a dedicated young escort who is always making every effort to ensure her body is in great shape. On top of that, she spends a hell of a lot of her cash on clothes and lingerie, so you’re always likely to find her looking fantastic, whether you book an incall or an outcall. Call Top Secret Escorts when you’re ready to book!


  1. James says:

    I had a WOW moment when the door opened. Amanda is a stunningly beautiful young lady with a fabulous figure and radiant smile.
    Great fun to be with, naughty too. A delightful way to spend my evening.
    Ive seen a few of the Top Secret Polish girls, Lulu, Caroline, Julia BUT Amanda was the best yet.
    Look forward to seeing you again my sweet darling x

  2. Neil says:

    Amanda is a delight to be with. She has a very engaging personality and allows you to be at ease. I find that when you are relaxed, the sex is always better. I have been with wgs in the past where everything was mechanical and you are just going through the motions. But with Amanda everything was great. Looking forward to seeing her soon. I think what Walter states is all true. Thank you Amanda for a lovely time.

  3. walter says:

    62nd time visiting this absolute BABE ;)))))))) just a 1 hour booking this time but such a great time again :)))))))))))) amazing sex haha I’m happy :)))))))))) its always great with Amanda and I hope to see her lots more times :))))))))))))

  4. walter says:

    58th time visiting the wonderfully awesome Amanda my favourite girl :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Such a super nice 2 hours of fun yet again :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    I really have to admit it ( again lol ). That i definitely like her the most and recommend her more than all others :)))))))))))))))))))))) to me she is the best :)))))))))))))))))))))
    Not the wildest or craziest lol but the best :)))))))))))))))))))) be nice to her if you decide you want to meet her :))))))))))))))))))
    Chance of liking her is 100 million % :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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