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Frequently Asked Questions

This section was created to save your time and ours. Here, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions clients have before deciding whether they’ll hire one of our escorts. If you’re interested in our services but have never hired an escort before, this is the best place to start. Happy research!
Most Popular Questions

First of all, is this legal? Am I going to get into any trouble?

The only risk you face is getting blown away by one of our escorts. The girls we represent are independent contractors who are offering their time and company in exchange for money. Hiring an escort is just as legal as hiring someone to walk your dog or sort through your mail. The women we represent consent to spend time with our agency’s clients under strict contractual guidelines, but whatever happens during your date is between the two of you. The escort can offer any other additional services at her discretion. Moreover, as long as you don’t pay anyone under the age of 18 to be an escort for yourself, you’re not breaking any laws. And we can guarantee that all of our escorts are well over age, as we thoroughly verify all applicants.

How far in advance do I need to book?

You can book any available girl on the same day, via phone call or WhatsApp message. If you’d like, you can book a date in advance, but please note that you will still need to confirm with us on the day of the date. Booking in advance is a great way to ensure your prefered escort will be available at the most suitable time for you.

What are incalls and outcalls?

When you book an outcall appointment with an escort, she will come to you. Most frequently, to your hotel room. If you booked an incall, you would visit her at her London apartment. Each profile page will have a mention of the area in which the girl lives. Outcalls are usually longer than incalls because clients often like to take their escort girls out to dinner or for some sort of show or event. The minimum booking time is one hour – beyond that, you can hire an escort for as long as you’d like.

Can I book more than one escort at a time?

The sky is the limit. Not every escort we represent is actively bisexual, but the ones that are will have a mention of it on their profile page. There are also a few escorts with prefered partners – they are either close friends or in committed relationships, and they enjoy escorting together. You can find them on the Duos page.

What happens if I want to cancel?

If you, for some reason, become unable to honour the appointment, we will feel very sorry for you. We will also charge a cancellation fee that’s equal to the taxi charges for outcalls. Incalls can be cancelled without any charges.

What services do confidantes offer?

Top Secret Escorts Agency hostesses are independent contractors, under no duress and free to do as they please. Just like with any other escorting agency, the fees depend on the length of time you spent with the escort, not the services they offer. They offer additional services at their discretion, and this depends on how you both feel about each other. Generally, each confidante has a list of services they are willing to offer on a usual date, but those are subject to change based on mutual chemistry and sensitivity between the two of you. If you’re friendly, respectful and kind, your preferred confidante might warm up to you and offer exclusive services. However, you should always let her decide and respect her boundaries. If you’re not sure whether she will offer a certain service or not, the safest bet is to just ask.

Can my partner and I see an escort together?

Certainly! We all know how hot it can be to bring a third person into the bedroom, and many of our girls enjoy meeting couples as well as singles! However, there are some who shine brightest with a single customer, which is why it is best if you inform us of your plans beforehand. Just let us know that you’d like to include your partner, and we will make sure your desired escort is happy with the arrangements. There will often be a surcharge added at the escort’s discretion.

What payment methods do the confidantes accept?

Our escorts can only receive cash as a form of payment. Some clients like to give our escorts gifts, pay for their dinner or buy them tickets, but paying for their services should be done in cash, in full, according to the fees listed on the escort’s profile page. Please make sure you have enough cash on hand to cover her fee, as well as cab fare if you’ve requested an incall, and complete the payment at the beginning of your date.

Are the girls’ fees negotiable?

The listed fees are not negotiable. The prices of their services are supposed to cover their personal and business expenses, which means they are fixed, just like the fees of your accountant or lawyer. If you’d like to hire a girl for a longer period than is listed on her scale of fees, please contact us, and we will forward your offer to your escort of choice. She will, then, decide what would be an acceptable fee.

Can I pay using another currency?

Only if prior arrangements have been made. British Sterling is always the preferred choice; however, we will try our best to accommodate all major currencies. Exchange rate calculations will be at the discretion of the admin arranging your date.

Are the photos of the confidantes real?

Of course! We can only imagine how frustrating it must be for someone to nervously wait for the girl of their dreams, only to be met by someone who does not really resemble that. We take great pride in offering a high-end service, and a critical aspect of who we are as an agency is our girls’ exceptional beauty. We have a policy of always showing the girls’ faces in their profile picture, so you can be sure that you will be meeting the escort you booked. Not only that but every picture you see in our gallery has been taken by our in-house photographer. He updates the galleries frequently, which means there will never be any discrepancy between what you see on a screen versus what you’ll see across the table.

What are your privacy guarantees?

We take our name very seriously! Your personal details are confidential, and the agency will only give the escort the information she absolutely must know for the date to take place – the name of your hotel and room number, telephone number and name. Escorts are required to comply with absolute professional secrecy and ensure that none of your personal data is retained on her phone or anywhere else.

Do you need to know my real identity?

We would prefer to know our clients so we can build a relationship based on mutual trust. While in some exceptional cases, we could make do with your first name only, obvious security reasons require us and the escorts to know your real name before the meeting. As you might imagine, women are in quite vulnerable positions when meeting unknown men, especially late at night and for outcalls. Moreover, we adhere to very strict rules when booking trips for our escorts, and we will never allow them to travel with a client if we’re not entirely sure of their identity.

What if I have a special request?

We’d love to pass on any special requests to any of our confidantes before the date. If it’s a fairly simple request, such as asking her to bring her bisexual girlfriend, we’ll even be able to confirm on the spot. However, we are not able to enter negotiation regarding any services you might require from one of our escorts – that’s between you and her. But we will gladly pass on any special requests.