London escortsNo, we don’t mean you have to get a gay man in your bedroom. That’s entirely up to you of course! This isn’t what we’re talking about today on our London escort blog. Today we’re talking about what gay men could teach us about having sex with a woman.

Having sex with a woman is a little more than just getting her nice and juicy and then hammering away at her as though she was something that needed to be fixed. In fact, it’s a lot more than that really, it we’re honest; especially these days. Men are decidedly more demanded upon these days, and you have to do so much more work. We sympathise with you, we really do!

So what can we learn?

To start with, you can learn a lot more than you think from a gay man, because he has no doubt been the best friend of a single straight female! There’s a lot to be said for that too. Women tell their best friends everything, unless you’re a London escort of course, and then you have a certain amount of discretion (besides, not many London escorts tell their friends and family what they do!)

Be outspoken and emotional – Nothing is forever

Gay men are very good at being direct and they’re well renowned for showing their emotions. If they want something they’ll ask for it. Speak your mind and you might just get what you want too! And remember that we’re in 2017 now, and people don’t mate for life. Enjoy yourself while you can, you never know when she won’t be there!

Get your oral technique down

You have a duty to sort this out. You don’t simply go down on your woman and wiggle your tongue around like a loony in order to make her climax. It’s better to take your time and perfect your technique. Learn what works. Gay men have this down to an art form. They like to ensure that they do their very best and are always desperate for credit when they do. And you know that it’s true gay men do tend to be a but dramatic!

Toys! (ask a London escort about them!)

We all know that gay men love to play with toys! Remember that playing with toys is not restricted to her in your own relationship! You can do as much with a toy as she can if you open your mind. We wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do of course, but you can indulge. And you will find that your partner will be turned on by the fact that you’re more open minded. Take a look at the websites devoted to sex toys these days, you’d be surprised at what you might find!

Just a few ideas there for you. We’re sure that you will embrace what we’ve said and try a little harder!