When you look at our website and you browse all the escorts available you probably have a number of questions. It’s not unusual. We’d like to make it clear to you that you can ask us questions whenever you feel like it. We are an agency after all.

The role of an escorts agency is to represent the girls who apply to them of course. Then we have to organise meeting times between yourself and your chosen girl at a time that’s convenient with you both. We pass messages between you and your chosen escort in order to maintain the girls’ identity and contact details and to ensure that we know when they are with someone etc. This makes things a little more secure for the girls. Not entirely of course, and we wouldn’t act on anything in particular, but we would be aware if a girl didn’t message in to tell us that their client has arrived and paid, or that they have left. The clients are aware of this as well as the escorts.

Answering your queries about our escorts

But on top of all the regular things that an agency does, we also answer your questions. And what’s more is that we’re happy to do this. We would much rather you ask us whatever questions you need to ask, than you turn up to a girl’s apartment and be disappointed with your booking. Or worse still have one of the girls join you for dinner only for you to find out she doesn’t speak English or something like that.

These are the sort of questions you need to be asking. Especially if you’re planning on a dinner date. You can’t sit for over an hour sharing a bottle of wine and eating a nice meal when you can’t properly communicate with the girl you’re with! And because we know the girls, we are able to answer these things. There may be a number of other things you want to know, and we’ll be happy to tell you, or find out directly from the girl you choose.

Keep it clean!

However, we do ask for you to keep it clean. We will not go into anything sexual with you on the telephone. We are not advertising sexual services, nor do we condone them. If you want to discuss things like this with your escort, that’s between the two of you, and we don’t want to know about it. We are there for more regular “run of the mill” questions. Don’t worry, you won’t upset us, but we will tell you if we can’t answer you.

We hope you enjoy your booking