model London escortsWhen you have a partner, particularly one you’ve had for a number of years, it’s actually easier to develop your style. This is because you end up actually dressing how your partner prefers you and you end up liking it yourself. Let’s face it, your partner isn’t likely to let you go out looking awful anyway are they?But what happens to those gentlemen who reach their 50’s without a partner, or anyone to give them an indication about what looks good? Well, we have teamed up with some of our London escorts and brought you a little advice about how to dress when you reach those magical 50’s. A period of your life incidentally, where women will find you even more attractive!

London escorts offer their advice

The first thing you need to understand is that, just because you’re 50, it doesn’t mean you have to suddenly change any style that you already have. If you are comfortable in a certain style, don’t go changing it. It isn’t as though someone is waiting for you at the age of 50 with a brand-new wardrobe of clothes for you to wear. The best advice our London escorts came up with was that whatever you wear, make sure it fits correctly!

This isn’t as silly as it sounds. There are so many men out there that still struggle with getting the right sizes. Besides, when you’re 50, we happen to think that you’ve lived long enough to be comfortable as well as stylish. You know what? According to most of our escorts, a man is always more attractive the more comfortable he is!

Rocking the suits

Depending on what you do and where you go of course, a suit can be your best friend. As a man in your 50’s you are probably going to get much more use out of it than a younger guy. Make sure you get a good quality tailored suit that will last you years to come too. Stick to classic colours too: greys, black, navy blue, dark greens and reds. Don’t mix the colours up too much.

Be careful with trainers

You may want to start phasing these out of your wardrobe as a staple. Leave them to the gym, jogging and such. If you must still have them, stick to some darker colours and those without all the logos plastered all over them. Try incorporating some more boots into your life. Chelsea boots are always good and available in loads of styles.

You’re not past it, make the most of it!

Our model London escorts will agree with us here. You are certainly not “past it,” you can look your very best if you want to. Spend some of your hard-earned money and get some good quality stuff in your wardrobe. Remember that our girls like the more mature man too, so you’re always onto a winner with Top Secret Escorts!