We know you have your favourites at Top Secret. It’s for this reason we created a gallery of our girls on holiday. You might ask why. It’s just so you know that she hasn’t left the agency or stopped escorting all together basically. If you can’t find the London escort you want in our main gallery or any category that she would qualify for (blonde, brunette etc.) then you check here on this page to see if she’s having a break.

Girls on holiday are coming back

If they’re on holiday, they’re coming back gentlemen, don’t worry! But everyone needs a break, right? You lot get to go on holidays and take weekends off etc. so your favourite escorts should too. They may not be gone for long. It’s often the case that they just go back home to visit family and friends. Sometimes they just want to go somewhere sunny, and you can’t blame them for that!

If for any reason you can’t find the girl you want anywhere on the website, even in the girls on holiday gallery, then she may well have left the agency. If you want to double check with us, we have no problem with you calling us on the phone to find out more information. We’re here to help.

Advance bookings

If you see a girl on this gallery who you simply have to see, give us a call and we may be able to tell you when she is returning. Once you find out, you may then have the opportunity to make an advanced booking so you can be among the very first to see her on her return!